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Push Messages

With our Push Message technology, we let you communicate with Participants and Fans like never before.   Once a participant or fan has texted your event code, they instantly become subscribed to event updates that you have complete control of.  With this technology, you now have the unprecedented capability to send a message to all of your participants & fans at any time during your event, making it easier than ever before to get information to people when they need it!

Use Cases

Here's a few use cases. We're certain you'll find more!

  • Weather Delays - Faced with a rain or weather delay? Simply send a message to let everyone know the status of the delay.
  • Incidents - Accidents happen both on the track and off. Use Push Messages to let people know important information about ongoing incidents.
  • Promotions - Want to announce a last minute sale on event apparel? No Problem, just type it up and instantly get it to everyone.
  • Thank you messages - Let everyone know that you appreciate their attendance and you look forward to seeing them at the next event! You can even include a URL to your next event.

How does it work?

It's simple. Once a participant or fan texts your event code, we'll automatically subscribe them to our push service for your event. When you need to send an update, simply log into our cloud service at and type your message. We'll take it from there, distributing your message from our cloud service to every participant and fan!