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Push Messages

With our Push Message technology, we let you communicate with People like never before. Once someone has texted your code, they instantly become subscribed to alerts and updates that you have complete control of. With this technology, you now have the unprecedented capability to send a message to any group at anytime making it easier than ever before to get information to people when they need it!

Use Cases

Here's a few use cases. We're certain you'll find more!

  • Government - Keep residents informed of road closures, flooding, tornado warnings, or any other public service announcements.
  • Marketing and Promotion - Announce a last minute sale, provide a discount code or just drive more traffic to your product or service.
  • Events Managers - Keep your event attendees informed of what and where things are happening.
  • Sporting Events - Keep participants informed of schedule changes, weather delays etc...

Advertising add-on

Any Push Message that is sent has the option of having an ad attached to the bottom of the message. This allows the sender to not only provide requested information but also to promote a local business, product, or upcoming event. This add-on is optional and under the complete control of the sender.

How does it work?

It's simple. Once an individual texts your code to the number, they will automatically be subscribed to the Push Message service for your group. When you need to send an alert or update, simply log into our cloud service at my.TextInteractions.com or simply send a text from your phone. We'll take it from there and start distributing your message from our cloud service to every one who has subscribed.

Best Part - No Database To Maintain!

The database is self maintaining. Subscribers can subscribe and un-subscribe at will saving you a lot of time and work.